About Candidate

Rita Duncan- Oro Loma





Rita Duncan was re-elected to serve on the Board of Loma Sanitary District for the next four years.  She will serve as the Vice-President of the Board, Chair of the Personnel Safety and Public Information Committee, member of the Construction Committee and continue to be a representative for Oro Loma on the Alameda County Special District Association.

Meetings times and locations are noted on the Oro Loma Sanitary District webpage, click here to view the Calendar.

In addition, Rita will serve on the California Association of Sanitary Agencies Federal Legislative Committee. As a public servant, she will strive to be worthy of the trust bestowed on her by ensuring the District complies with county, state and federal guidelines and regulations. Rita is dedicated to developing policies and collaborating with other agencies to protect our environment for future generations by educating our customers on the correct waste stream to dispose of their garbage with the goal of reducing the waste going to landfill. She is also committed to finding innovative and lasting solutions to illegal dumping in our communities by collaborating with other agencies.